Effect of proper timing on stock returns in Tehran Stock Exchange

Published October 9, 2019
Fereydoun Ohadi
Sepideh Goodarzi


Examining the appropriate timing existent in the financial market and its effects on stock returns is always a matter of interest in financial literature. Some of the initial questions raised by investors in the capital market are: Can prices be predicted? Can the return (after risk mitigation) be achieved more than the market average by employing special transaction strategies? And can a particular pattern be taken in stock price movements?The present study examines the effect of appropriate timing on stock returns in Tehran Stock Exchange and the study period is eight years from the beginning of 2009 to the end of 1395. The results shown using linear regression indicates that the days Saturday to Tuesday have a significant effect on market returns. Saturday has had the most effect on market returns. While on Wednesday there is no effect on market returns.

The effect of weekly timing, market returns, total index of Tehran Stock Exchange