Investigating the Effect of Network Marketing on the Sales Level of Production Companies Accepted in the Stock Exchange

Published July 20, 2020
Parisa Parvizi
Ghasemali Sabbouri
Niloofar Imankhan


This research has been conducted aiming to investigate the effect of network marketing on sales level. The statistical population of the present research includes all the experts of the production companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange. For this purpose, by using simple random sampling method, 385 experts were selected as the research statistical sample and the research questionnaire was distributed among them. This research has been applied in terms of purpose and descriptive survey in terms of data collection. For data analysis, two sections of the descriptive statistics of central and dispersion indicators such as mean, standard deviation and frequency percentage, and also in the inferential statistics, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling technique with partial least squares approach and also Kolmogorov-Smirnov test have been used to measure the normality of research data distribution. The research results showed that network marketing affects the sales level of production companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange.

Network Marketing, Sales Level, Confirmation Factor Analysis