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Science Era Publications is an Open-Access publisher of journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. We aim to provide researchers, professors and students with up-to-date research in a broad range of areas, and to facilitate the global exchange and review of research, ideas and expertise among individuals in the scientific society...

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Computer Techniques in Biomedical Engineering (CTBE) is an international, peer-reviewed; Open Access journal that publishes research articles on all aspects of Biomedical Engineering. The scholarly journal provides a free and unrestricted access to the published findings in the concerned domain. The removal of copyright barriers to the flow of scientific information under the norms of open access is aimed at informing and educating about the latest research in Biomedical Engineering. Individual manuscripts submitted by authors are peer-reviewed by experts from related research area. The journal covers fields of: Bioinformatics; Bio-Inspired Technology; Biomechanics; Biomedical Electronics; Biomedical Imaging; Biomedical Materials; Bionanotechnology; Biophotonics; Biosensors; Blood Flow Imaging; Nanotechnology in medicine; Cardiovascular Systems; Cell and Tissue Engineering; Computational Modeling; Electrophysiology; Imaging Systems; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Medical Engineering; Medical Imaging; Microfabrication; Molecular; Musculoskeletal Mechanics; Neural Engineering; Orthopaedics Research; Signal Processing; Stem Cell Engineering; Ultrasound Imaging; Systems Neuroscience, etc.



Current Issue

Vol 1 No 1 (2019)
Published October 16, 2019