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Material Green and Natural Chemistry is an international, peer-reviewed; Open Access journal that publishes research articles on all aspects of Material Green and Natural Chemistry. Material Green and Natural Chemistry covers fields of: Natural products chemistry; Isolation and synthesis of natural products; Natural phenols, Marine natural products; Natural products synthesis and synthetic methodology; Bioactive Compounds; Physiological effects of natural products; Isoprenoids; Biopolymeric drugs; Ethnopharmacology; Biomolecules and their synthetic analogues; Terpenes and Terpenoids, Toxicology; Food and feed chemistry; Alkaloids; Physical organic Chemistry; Pharmacokinetics of Natural Products; Pharmacology of Natural Compounds; Chemical synthesis of novel compounds; Drug discovery; Drug design; Traditional Medicine; physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, geochemistry, physics, engineering, photochemistry but not limited to the following fields.