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Physical Chemistry Findings (PCF) is an international, peer-reviewed; Open Access journal that publishes research articles on all aspects of Physical Chemistry. The scholarly journal provides a free and unrestricted access to the published findings in the concerned domain. The removal of copyright barriers to the flow of scientific information under the norms of open access is aimed at informing and educating about the latest research in Physical Chemistry. The journal covers fields of: Acoustic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Thermodynamics, Colloid Chemistry, Crystal Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Magnetochemistry, Micromeritics, Quantum Chemistry, Marine Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, Spectroscopy, Surface Chemistry, Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Photochemistry, Physical and Chemical Metallurgy Process, Physical Organic Chemistry, Solid-state Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Surface Chemistry, Surface Structural Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography.