The Effect of Relationship Marketing and Viral Marketing on Consumer Behavior in Insurance Companies in Ardabil

Published July 20, 2020
somayeh saebnia
somayeh ghasemi dodran
solmaz Arjang


In today's world, the use of marketing for marketers, along with the proper understanding of consumer behavior and the timely and timely resolution of their demands and needs is possible. On the other hand, the use of viral marketing with the advent of the Internet and especially social networks in Iran has had a great boom. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of marketing and its dimensions such as trust, commitment, communication, conflict management and viral marketing on consumer behavior. The present study is a descriptive, descriptive, descriptive, descriptive, descriptive, descriptive, descriptive-correlative study. According to Cochran's formula, 384 people were sampled and distributed by non-random sampling method among customers of Pasargad insurance companies in Ardabil city and completed by completing. Data collection was done by questionnaire. The research model was tested based on structural equation and LISREL software. The results showed that relationship marketing and its dimensions have a positive and significant effect on consumer behavior. And the positive and significant impact of viral marketing on consumer behavior was also confirmed. Finally, based on the research results, suggestions were made to improve consumer behavior.

Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Insurance Company of Ardabil Province