Review of Poverty in Societies

Published July 27, 2020
Marziyeh Sheykhi Joneghani
Ahmadreza Shahniani


Poverty, its measurement, and the ways of poverty alleviation have a special place in economic policy, and this place has become increasingly important in many countries especially in undeveloped countries. This issue has been expanded further in Iran due to the religiously dominant culture and policies along with the fact that this global trend has also affected it. However, since the 1960s, and especially in the 1970s public policies of countries have focused on poverty alleviation and developed widespread theories. One of the goals of the Islamic Revolution and Islamic uprisings in other countries is to eliminate poverty, these uprisings have expanded the theory on poverty alleviation until the United Nations has made progress towards eliminating it and named the 1990s as The Decade of Poverty Alleviation, and it is still pursuing this goal until today.

Poverty, Donation, Devotion, Unemployment, Inflation